About Digital Mining


Leading a New Standard in the Digital Mining Industry

Digital Mining Organization (DMO) will lead a consortium of new industry standards by providing an open and transparent platform for the global digital mining community to hash out problems, discuss issues, provide solutions, and share success.


Eyal Avramovich, Chairman of Digital Mining (TM)

Our Chairman – Mr. Eyal Avramovich is the driving force behind this concept. His experiences with crypto mining and blockchain development gathered as the CEO of MineBest, one of leading crypto mining companies in the world, gave a reason to consider ways to improve the current industry standards, making them more inclusive and to better protect investors and other industry leaders alike.



We have observed the industry from within for a long time

and we decided that this is the time to propose our own way out of these problems. To create an industry wide standard of procedures, ecosystems and interactions. A standard that can be created and maintained with participation of dedicated users and companies in order to ensure full compatibility of all crypto-computing endeavors.



standard that protects the business and all involved

As a private initiative, our goal is to gain industry-wide support for our proposal of a unified standard for procedures, ecosystems and business proceedings for crypto industry. As we have mentioned before this is especially true of mining, as mining cryptocurrencies is the one activity where the individual user, equipment manufactures, hosting providers and ultimately financial exchanges come together.



providing safety for new investors

The mining process itself has taken hits from the bearish market, as well as rising prices of electricity and equipment, while not benefiting from full legal regulations that could provide clarity and security to all parties involved. Yet, mining is crucial, not just for the influx of new cryptocurrencies, but most of all for keeping up blockchain technology as a viable part of future security networks for use across many different industries.


Benefits of cooperation with us


Legalization and security

We initially seek to provide business and legal security, but ultimately we see the standards expanding to the provision of power which may ensure sustainability and responsibility across the industry.


Eliminating objections

We hope, that the introduction of a singular set of standards will be a pivoting moment for the industry; providing safety for new investors and eliminating the majority objections that arise today when deciding on channeling money into crypto mining and blockchain development.


Historical change

We encourage you to join us today, learn more about our proposals and help us create a historic change that will secure the future of an entire industry.