Proof of Mine (POM)

World Digital Mining Organization Inc., is currently developing Proof of Mine (PoM) Application (for Android and iOS), its first consumer product and the first of its kind in the world. POM will include a Mining Reward Calculator,

Proof of Mine Wallet, and most revolutionary – the world’s first Mining Reward Validator.

The Mining Reward Calculator will take into consideration the Coin Price, Network Hash Rate, Block Reward and Pool Fee, among all needed factors to calculate potential mining rewards. Projects may apply to have their coin listed in the calculator.

This validator will track the flow of various selected digital currencies on the blockchain, to help determine if rewards sent to cloud-mining participants from their mining service provider are legitimate, or unfortunately not from mining and a potential scam.

Proof of Mine is (PoM) planned to be released in Q3 2020. World Digital Mining Organization Inc. is proud to provide technologically advanced solutions to help solve such current issues in the digital mining sphere.

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